"Thank you for your interest in my Law Practice.   For a quarter of a century, I have practiced civil law, criminal law, administrative law, and appellate law, representing individuals and businesses, in state and federal courts.  I have also represented clients in other states in America.  While the majority of my clients come from ministry, the law practice considers all just causes in need of an experienced, flawlessly ethical, attorney."

 Rev. Rickey Nelson Jones, Esq.

Some Key Points for Reflection….

Some key points for reflection...

Compassionate Leader

Rev. Jones' love for others is one of his best qualities.  He has given time, money, effort, and help to Church Members, family, friends, and strangers.  In fact, he is proud of something that few are, namely, he has given freely to strangers-in-need as much as to family-in-need.   One thing no one can ever question about Rev. Jones is his love an​d compassion for others.  In light of being a double professional (Pastor & Lawyer), his time leading and guiding others, including mentoring in the public school system and serving at the homeless shelter, is almost unbelievable.


Rev. Jones' livelihood is one of diversity.  The universities he attended were diverse (Loyola University, New Orleans, LA & Howard University School of Law, Washington, D.C.); the people he represents are diverse, and the members of the Church where he serves as Pastor are diverse.  He has been The Pastor to people from the following communities: Panamanian, Caucasian, African-American, Caribbean, African, and Egyptian, and he has ministered to people from all "corners" of life.   His love for others is pure and un-pretentious.

Trusted Lawyer

Although Rev. Jones has a variety of clients, the majority of Rev. Jones' clients come from ministry. He handles all of their legal affairs, spanning everything from criminal law and business to family law and personal injury.  The people he has represented admire him deeply, and express it clearly.  Even when Rev. Jones did not recover for his clients as he desired in their cases, he has personally sacrificed while also giving the following "words" of comfort, "Rev. Jones is with you." 


As a Pastor and lawyer, his trustworthiness is beyond question.   All have found Rev. Jones' conduct reflective of admirable righteousness.  He has been, without exception, faithful to [1] his wife of over three decades, [2] his family, [3] the parishioners of the Church where he serves, [4] the clients of his law office, and [5] the persons-in-need he promises to help.